Kale Platzer, via Facebook

IM WONDERING if anybody might know the whereabouts of my dads old car. Its an XW Falcon GS (it was a genuine GS but turned into a GTHO clone). It was sold with Queensland plates 279NDD to a gentleman in Rockhampton with the surname Buckton.

It ran a 302 Cleveland, four-speed single-rail gearbox and a nine-inch from an XA, and was fitted with XB high-back bucket seats. It was originally painted Vermilion Fire with a black vinyl roof with a sunroof, but my dad had it resprayed in Cortez Red (WB Stato colour).

ASK and SM readers will provide, Kale! Dale Welfare says: I know the car; I remember it well from about 1987. Tom Buckton used to work at the exhaust shop around the corner from where I did my apprenticeship, and he still lives about 3km from me. Not sure what happened to the car though. Rob Hutton adds: Ken Buckton owns a mechanic shop in Park Avenue, Rockhampton and is a Ford fan. Maybe it was a relative of his, or maybe he was even the guy who bought it? Anyone else have some clues for Kale?