THE recent wild east coast weather gave Brashernats a break over the June long weekend, and 8000 revheads were treated to an insane day of burnout action at Sydney Dragway. With three Summernats Burnout Masters tickets up for grabs, the fans got one hell of a show.

The vibe was more akin to a party than an event – that’s how Mick Brasher likes to run his shows; he wants to make you feel like you’re a guest in his house. From the pad to the pits, the whole event was laidback and friendly, but while many of the drivers are good mates, they leave all that behind when it’s time to hit the pad.

Steve Loader was the man to beat in the finals and he tipped in the black UCSMOKE Holden Premier with the engine singing. Working the pad from one end to the other, he gave both the throttle and the limiter a solid thrashing as flames popped from the pipes. It was a deserving win, and that means UCSMOKE will be back for another crack at the Summernats Burnout Masters.

Second place went to Fred Watson in the FEAR Monaro, whose screaming small-block had the crowd pumped. The rear end looked like it was ready to go up in flames, but luckily for the West Australian, the fire shows didn’t last more than a couple of seconds, and he also walked away with a Summernats ticket. Juzzy Mott scored third place with her blown Gemini, but unfortunately only the first two blown cars won Burnout Masters entries. The third ticket went to the winner of the Naturally Aspirated class, Mark McTiernan in the LOOPY Suzuki Mighty Boy. That thing could do a doughnut on a dinner plate!

Next event on the Burnout Masters calendar is Tropical Meltdown in Cairns on 13 August, and then there’s Burnout Outlaws back at Sydney Dragway a week later. Then it’s another two weeks until the Red CentreNATS in Alice Springs on 2-4 September. That’s going to be a busy four weeks for the tyre-frying brigade.

Mark your calendars. s


Andrew Pool IBLOWN Brett Battersby BLWNLUX Jake Myers SICKO Peter Grmusa ATRISK Ryan Pearson HOLDON Darren Bromage SMOKINU Matthew Cowan ONIT Domenic Luci LITMUP Steve Nogas KILLA-B Andrew Lynch LYNCHY Justen Brown STRUGLIN Colin Byrne SEWERSIDE Ross Heasley MRBADQ Steve Sines KINGER Jason Rapoff PARALINES Jason Fletcher RUCKUS Steve Loader UCSMOKE Fred Watson FEAR Mark McTiernan LOOPY


Tropical Meltdown: 13 Aug – 1 Overall Burnout Outlaws: 20 Aug – 1 Overall Red CentreNATS: 2-4 Sept – 2 Blown; 1 NA Tread Cemetery: 15 Nov – 1 Team Nomination Summernats 30: 5-8 Jan – 3 Wildcards