IN A WORLD where LS engines all tend to look a bit same-same, it’s refreshing to see there are still guys trying to stand out from the crowd.

Chris Cutajar has given Adam Rogash and the guys at Melbourne Performance Warehouse the nod to build him this killer 440ci ProCharged LS combo for his silver VE ute.

“We’re thrashing on it right now,” Adam says, just a week before Christmas. “The plan is to get it to Summernats 29, but it’ll just be on a base tune.”

MPW has developed a reputation for awesome LS engines and this beast should be no different. They’ve started with a Dart LS-Next block and filled it with all the top-shelf gear.

“The Dart LS-Next block is a really good thing” Adam says. “They’re very different to your typical LSX. They’ve got priority oiling for the bearings, splayed main caps, and shortened pan rails. They’re meant to be good for 2500hp.”

In the guts there’s a Callies DragonSlayer crank, Oliver rods and custom JE pistons set up for 9.2:1 compression. The cam is a custom MPW hydraulic-roller grind similar to the bumpstick that’s in Adam’s own sevensecond NOSHOW Clubsport. Up top they’ve gone with the Aussie-made CID LS7 heads, mainly because Chris wanted a Wilson Manifolds CNC intake, which also uses the square-port LS7 design.

Throw in an F1R ProCharger and around 20psi boost and you’ve got a combo that should make 1500hp fairly easily. Naturally the whole thing will be running on E85 – because it’s awesome! Adam reckons they’ll stick with the standard E38 ECU to begin with, but might switch to something aftermarket once they start exploring the horsepower capabilities of the ProCharger.

So what do you do with a 1500hp supercharged VE ute?

“Chris wants to drive it on the street,” Adam says, “but he also wants to race it and do powerskids at events like Powercruise.”

Maybe the question should have been: What can’t you do with a 1500hp ute? s