Virginia Hamm, email

A MAN is driving along a lonely country road when suddenly his car breaks down. So he starts walking, figuring he’ll come to a house eventually and be able to call for a tow truck.

Finally he comes across a house and asks the lady inside if he can use her phone. But just as she opens the door to allow him inside, out runs a pig with only three legs.

“How did the pig lose his leg?” he asks the lady.

“Well, one day we had a fire,” the lady replies, “and the pig woke everybody up and made sure we got outside safely, then went back inside and brought the dog out.”

The man is perplexed. “But why does the pig only have three legs?”

“Well,” the lady replies, “another time my boy was playing on the ice, but it broke and he fell in. The pig ran and got a rope, which my son grabbed on to, and the pig pulled him out and saved him.”

“But how does that explain why the pig only has three legs?”

The lady replies: “Well, after all the pig did for us, it didn’t seem right to eat him all at once.”