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“AFTER seeing this ute for sale on Gumtree I went and had a look, expecting it to be what I saw in the photos – a rusty old ute. It didn’t say anything in the ad about the home-built, blow-through turbo set-up on a crossflow six! On LPG and with an intercooler, no less! I bought it as something for my son to drive and eventually tidy up somewhat.

Unfortunately we don’t know the true potential of the thing, as we took it to Saturday Night Roll Racing at Queensland Raceway for a shakedown and cracked the radiator. The only thing we have done to it is chucking on a blow-off valve and changing the number plates – all the rat rod stuff was already there.” Photos: Steve Kelly


ROB is based in Tumut, NSW, and his Torry is a genuine LH SL/R 5000 (albeit with LX headlights). It runs a 308, Top Loader and nine-inch combo, and is resplendent in Barbados Green. Rob bought the car to ferry around his two boys, Scott and Josh, as his panel vans are only two-seaters. When he got the car it was pretty much as it is now, though the Currie nine-inch is a recent addition.


“HERE is my XC Falcon that I’ve owned for over 10 years. It runs a 351 and a C10 with a Stage 2 shift kit. I’ve given it a GXL makeover, including the dash and glove box, and it has a GS grille and XB GT bonnet. Since owning it I’ve given it a full respray in the factory Blue Steel Metallic, and I have a new 351 going in it soon. She’s a nice cruiser. It will be my nine-year-old daughter’s car; she has a disability and it would mean a lot to her to see the car in the mag.”


“I BOUGHT this one-tonner around three years ago; it was running a tired 308 and five-speed Supra gearbox.

The old 308 has since made way for a 355 stroker, rounded off with a Torque-Power manifold, mildly worked VN heads, 750 double-pumper, ICE ignition system and nice cam. The old Supra five-speed has been tossed for a full-manual Turbo 400 supplied by Protrans and a TCE 3500 converter. While it makes good power and a run down the quarter one day would be nice, I am happy to cruise around and give her a blast on the open road every now and then. Future upgrades will be a nine-inch along with a shiny Caprice grille to finish her off.”


“THIS is my HJ Kingswood sedan, finally finished after a two-year resto. I was trying to get it ready in time to take to Red CentreNATS, but just missed out. Originally it ran a 202, Trimatic and banjo diff, but I’ve replaced the driveline with an L34-spec 308, Saginaw four-speed and custom LSD Salisbury. I’ve also squeezed 275s under the rear and 205s up front. It’s been repainted, the interior’s been completely re-upholstered and everything has either been reconditioned or replaced from the ground up.”


“I BOUGHT my MS65 Toyota Crown off an older gentleman two years ago. It had been off the road for over 10 years, so it required a lot of electrical and mechanical work to get it up and running. It’s been rebushed and lowered all ’round, and rolls on 15x9 US Wheel rims with whitewalls. The interior is original and in well-preserved condition; the only change I’ve made is adding a Mooneyes Gold Flake steering wheel. Future plans include ditching the original six for something with eight cylinders and five gears, and adding Wilwood brakes and a Posi rear end. I also want to get the car coated in matte clear to preserve the 40-year-old patina. The best thing about it is the amount of people who expect it to be my dad’s car!”


“I’D WANTED an early B-body Chrysler since I was about 18. Thirty years later this ’65 Satellite jumped out at me online; the price was right so I had to have it. It had original paint with some small touch-ups, the original interior was in near-perfect condition and all the stainless trim was in great nick. I had a big-block lined up for it already, and the plan was to finish the engine and just swap out the running gear, but as a friend wanted it for his wedding car I decided to tear it down and do the whole thing properly. It was stripped to bare metal, and Andy Gower handled the bodywork and got it perfect. I then applied the 1965 Chrysler Alabaster acrylic paint.

The engine is a ’72 400 block with a 440 Source 4.15in stroker crank to give 500 cubes, with forged flat-top pistons.

Edelbrock Victor Max Wedge heads give it 12.5:1 comp, while an Indy manifold and 950 Quick Fuel carb finish off the top.

Camshaft is a Howards mechanical roller.

It runs a manualised 727 built by Bob Mazzolini, with a Turbo Action 3500rpm converter, running to an 8¾in housing with a 3.7:1 Sure-Grip diff centre. The car performs great and is very streetable, but I am keen to get it on the quarter. Big thanks to my mate Andy Gower for giving up his garage and his bodywork skills, and to my very patient partner Karen.”

Photos: Rick Welch