WHAT would you do if you stumbled across this beauty after it had been parked up? Would you leave it as is or restore it back to factory specs? Here’s what our Facebook fans thought.

Ron Mackrell – Continue the theme of building the best Holden possible by throwing a small-block Chev, Top Loader and nine-inch diff in it and ditch the factory crap.

Stephen Lindburg – As I get older, originality strikes me as the way to go. Not sure why really; maybe it’s something about recreating the era when these cars were built.

Chris Pace – C’mon, the 80s stuff wasn’t even cool in the 80s. All those scoops and that stinkbug stance! I wouldn’t make it factory original, but it wouldn’t look much like that after I was finished with it.

Nathan J Parsons – Prefer the “stinkbug stance”, as you put it, over stupid 20-inch rims, rolled guards and slammed so low that it can’t get out of the driveway, like a lot of muppets do to them these days!

Chris Pace – Couldn’t agree more Nathan. It’s got to drive, stop and turn, that’s for sure.

Tony Menck – The 80s were cool when they were happening.

John Popovic – You’re right about the 80s, but this car is from the 70s!

Chris Pace – You might be right about that John, but it’d be late 70s if the wagon in the driveway is an indication. The Datto in the shed with an XA and an HJ, X or Z behind it – they’ve got it all going on there!

Ross Coster – I’d fit a twin-turbo LSX and get it really bopping. The body mods are fine.

Luke Guy – I’d go out and buy a pair of those cool Capper shorts first!

Benny Curran – Build it how you want to build it. It’s not like it’s a famous car that should be kept a certain way.

Andrew Tolcher – Whack a set of 12-slotters on it and you’ve got the full wanker pack.

Chris James Davis – Leave it as it is. Looks neat but classy the way it is in that pic.

Fred Blogs – I’d put it back to stock. Doesn’t mean ya can’t tickle up the stock running gear though.