Peter Warburton, email

I HAVE just attended my first Summernats and would like to throw around a few things to make Summernats 30 even better.

Has someone completed a safety assessment on what a Doorslammer with 8000hp would do hitting a moveable cement barrier if the throttle stuck on full song? I witnessed a standard car move a block with a sideways hit! Another safety concern is the lack of safety barriers around the cruise track. What if a young child runs onto the road as someone just starts a burnout?

I am not against what goes on – I think it’s great – I just think if someone is killed it could be the end of Summernats, and no one wants that.

Another great improvement would be a better program guide. Needs more information on what’s on, exact times, classes, and details on what each event entails. Moreso for the first-timers, who we want each year.

I believe the dyno cell could take a few lessons from the burnout pad, which ran like clockwork. The PA system in the dyno cell was just a waste of time as no one could understand most of what was said.

I there seems to be a lot of time-wasting. With two dynos, would not it be better to have one setting up and one running?

Summernats is a great event that just needs a few refinements to help the first-timers and continue for another 30 years.