YOU CANíT imagine Bentley ever wanting to sell a diesel. Its appetite for leather suggests saving the planet isnít high on its priorities. However, fuel consumption figures reveal maybe it had no choice. The Bentayga Diesel, with a twin-charged oiler V8, is the only model in its range to sip less than 10 litres of fuel on a combined cycle. For $100K less than the 6.0-litre W12 petrol variant, the embarrassment owners might feel buying a Ďcheap oneí is obvious in how similar it looks to its petrol sibling. Teeny ĎV8 Dieselí door badges, new tailpipes, and a black grille are the only clues. Again, some might grumble about how itís also 127kW less potent, 0.7sec slower to 100km/h, and has a 30km/h lower top speed. But while the Bentagya Diesel isnít the horizon-reeling monster the petrol version is, how fast it moves 2.5 tonnes will leave you stunned. No surprise it matches the petrol donk on twist. And wafts along on air suspension with such comfort. Meanwhile active swaybars keenly neutralise body roll.

The Bentayga Diesel might rely heavily on Audi for suspension and engine tech, but its interior exudes a unique craftsmanship. And to boot, the diesel donkís claimed to stretch its 85-litre tankís range to 1000km. Itís still not twice the car an Audi SQ7 is, like its price suggests, but the diesel engine more suits its personality than the petrol version. The Bentayga Diesel is a more considered choice, with plenty of power and plenty of character. It even sounds better than the W12. Even though a Bentley diesel might not appeal to customers who value excess, itíd be remiss not to consider it in when buying a Bentayga. Ė LC