THERE ARENíT a whole lot of hot options in the medium sedan market for a keen steer. Sure, Mazdaís 6 is a good handler, but its 2.5-litre lacks the herbs. Subaruís six-cylinder liberty has the figures, but it needs a good wind up. So despite its boastful name, this Superb sedan is a quiet achiever. Here, the Czech makerís taken five doors, a 206kW turbo fourcylinder engine, and a Haldex-diff equipped driveshaft and blended them together. And the result feels like a Golf R thatís been stretched to accommodate more cargo. It punches hard, with more power and the same torque found in a BMW 330i. So itís 1.2 seconds quicker to 100km/h than a front-drive Superb 162TSI. However, the boosty EA888 isnít lag free. And corner exit requires throttle anticipation if youíre anywhere below 4000rpm. The six-speed dual clutch íbox can also take a moment to wake up at traffic lights. The upside is the steeringís crisp and the chassisís supple over bumps. And a larger spread of grip gifts it solid stability despite the wagonís 26kg penalty over a sedan, and 165kg extra on a Golf R. With that also comes a whole lot more practicality.

The extended roofline scores it 190 extra litres over a sedan with the seats down. At 1950 litres total, thatís almost as much as a Commodore Sportwagon. Adaptive suspension comes at a $3400 premium in the Tech pack, but even then itís $2600 cheaper than the Passat it pinches its platform from. And thatís whatís most likeable about the Skoda Superb 206TSI wagon. It mixes punch, practicality, and a semi-premium vibe with decent value. Sometimes, itís nice to have options. Ė LC