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James Hunt print $114

Stuff We Want

James Hunt print $114

Hunt in the car in which he won three Formula One races. Sized 18 by 24 inches, 50 will be made.

‘Sprint’ wheel $405*

If TSW created a tarmac rally wheel there’s a good chance it’d look like this. *Price is for one wheel, sized 17x8

BMW jacket $139

Suited to fi t lady bimmerphiles, this BMW Motorsport jacket features draw strings on the hood and is made from cotton.

Porsche model engine $276 fl

Build yourself two litres worth of early 911 air-cooled fl at six with this quarter scale model. The kit comes in 280 pieces, and painted.

Mustang axles $3300 herrodperformance.

Beef up your Mustang’s driveline with these Ford Performance halfshafts. Backed by a two-year warranty.