Osman Kasif, via email

If the Opel Insignia is the proposed replacement for the Commodore from 2018, where does this leave Holden given the sale of Opel to Groupe PSA? As we understand, Holden has an agreement with Opel for it to supply the Insignia for the next six years.

It is ‘fortunate’ Holden has an Option B, they will go to China to source Holden cars from Chinese Chevrolet, that is, if there is a continued demand for a Holden. Is Holden serious? Does it see itself as part of the Australian landscape beyond 2024, if it even survives with the Insignia?

Holden is struggling to re-invent the Astra; this car has now got a limited future as a Holden, therefore it is flogging a dead horse.

Holden cannot be serious if it thinks it can go to China to procure motor vehicles that are to be re-badged as Holdens.

The downward slide for Holden was when it started sourcing cars from Daewoo, South Korea. As I wrote so many years ago, my prediction that Daewoo would fail as a re-badged Holden was so true. Holden has survived until now, but I do not see Holden on Australian roads beyond 2030.

Regardless of what you may think of Holden, there will soon be a generation of Australians who will not know what a Holden is. A very sad time, indeed.

Holden is facing an uphill battle in Australia, but it’s not impossible. Ford, too, is now a full-line importer and will tackle the same struggles in the future.