Ron Boaden, via email

I’m a child of the 1940s and have been a motoring enthusiast ever since I was given my first tin red fire engine to play with.

Reading the latest edition of MOTOR, it has dawned on me that the times when you could use the words “fun, driving and exciting” in the one sentence are drawing to a close – in this country, at least.

I’ve owned some classics in my time, and driven them as hard as they would go.

Morley’s column in the May issue inspired this letter because I absolutely agree with him. Our draconian road rules (speed limits mainly) means we are prevented from doing anything where we might hurt ourselves.

Together with the demise of the homegrown Holden vs Ford rivalry, to my mind, enjoyable motoring is something that we will only be able to tell our grandchildren about – or the preserve of those who can afford a $100K-plus example.

I say this because those who can pay $100K for a car are the only ones able to afford the fines whilst enjoying their cars.

Along with Morley, I can’t see the overseas manufacturers bothering to send us anything that the average car owner will want to get excited about from here on in.

Ron, we hope you’ll be glad to have us disagree with you. Yes, we mourn the end of the local Ford vs Holden rivalry with you, but never in the history of cars and driving can you get such fun, fast and exciting (and safe) machines for so little money. Draconian law enforcement? Yes, but not everywhere – Australia, including the most populated states, is a big place with lots of roads.

Spend $20K on a used Toyota 86 and head for the mountains where you can find some quiet, and incredible, twisty roads, with 100km/h speed limits, and you’ll quickly sigh in relief. While grinning like an idiot.