Conrad Sanders, via email

Firstly, I would like to say ‘well done’ for your May 2017 issue celebrating 30 years of HSV, written by David Morley (pages 54 to 69). The follow up article on pages 70-71 is equally intriguing. The article was boosted even more by the great photos captured by Cristian Brunelli.

Together, you guys created a unique masterpiece in honour of this Aussie car legend which I will treasure and keep for a lifetime! For years, I have been looking for a good-quality car mag, given I have been constantly disappointed by your major competitor. But I can safely say I have found its replacement with MOTOR and have now made the switch!

I have a suggestion for another article to which you could turn your enthusiasm and journalistic brilliance to. I am suggesting an article on 50 years of the Toyota Corolla in Australia!

It might be a small car physically but it is huge in Australia’s automotive history and should be equally recognised! Also, it is an engineering marvel and has been a hit with the Australian motoring population. With the factory at North Altona due to close in 2018, it would certainly make for a popular read.

We agree the Corolla has played a big part in the Australian market, but it wouldn’t be a very long read as too few of its models fit the MOTOR performance criteria! Welcome on board, too.