Tom Newham, via email

AFTER reading Dylanís editorial, I agree wholeheartedly on what he had to say in regards to car companies and limited editions. I donít really understand why car companies choose to go down that path. I would have thought building and selling as many cars as possible would be the way to go, especially considering that car companies are there to make as much money as possible.

I hope that whoever wins the last Holden V8 is someone who wanted to buy one, but for whatever reason, was unable to do so. It would be good to see them drive it regularly as in my opinion that is what these cars are all about, enjoying them.

I donít understand why some people choose to buy vehicles as an investment.

Wouldnít it be easier just to buy some gold bars and put them in a safe instead of having a car taking up room in a shed? In any case a car sitting in a shed even under a cover still needs to be maintained. I would also think that gold would be a better long term investment than a car would be and hold its value. Iím sure there are some GT-HO Phase III owners out there who wish they chose a different path when it came to investing.

I was very fortunate that I was able to secure myself one of the last SS-V Redline utes. It is my weekend car and I enjoy every minute when driving it. So my suggestion to those who have purchased a W1, a Director or any of the other limited-edition vehicles out there, register them, drive them and not be so selfish. Otherwise sell them off to someone who actually will appreciate it for what they are, a vehicle.

We agree with your general sentiment, Tom Ė we believe cars should be driven and not remain garage queens Ė although itís hard to argue against cars being strong investments. If you get the right model, that is. Look at the once unloved VL Walkinshaw or the, until recently, forgotten 993 911. Still, you shouldnít have to meet a selection criteria in order to gain access to the car you love. Enjoy the SS-V Redline ute!