The power. The passion.

JULY 2017


Slide Rule

In the biggest change in six generations, the BMW M5 is now allwheel drive. We get an early taste


Lionís Den

We gain access to a jaw-dropping collection of HSVís finest Ė owned by one mystery fan


Targa Tour in a Ferrari

The new GTC4Lusso takes on closed Tasmanian roads


Mercedes- AMG E63 S

AMGís latest supercar sedan has landed on Aussie soil and Morley straps in to see whatís what


The Future of Formula 1

Heís dominated F1 as an engineer and a team boss, now Ross Brawn has his hands on the reins

52 Ford GT Driven

Itís won Le Mans, but can the new Ford GT win us over?


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Edís Letter

Itís like Christmas is coming

8 The News

Secrets of the next Toyota Supra Ė and AMGís hypercar

22 The Vent

Come on, tell us what youíre thinking. Weíll be nice, maybe

24 Sweet Dream

Adding a turbo to Mazdaís MX-5? Thereís precedent

114 Geek Speak

The wonders of the carbon fi bre chassis

116 Cool Kit

Retail therapy - doctorís orders!

118 Garage

The Skoda takes on Sandown, and itís see you later C43 AMG

122 New vs Used

Two yummy atmo V8s, but Australia or Germany?

123 Chart Attack

Coupes go tit for tat in this monthís sales charts

125 Columns

Local market loss; red versus blue; bumper sticker blitz

131 Hot Source

The one and only fast car index

146 Final Nine

Memorable cabins, though not always for the right reasons