AMG V8 sales booming

Mercedes C-Class sales prove Oz still craves eight cylinders


AUSTRALIANS love V8s and it seems theyíre willing to pay a premium for them. At least thatís what Mercedes-Benzís sales figures show, as its C-Class C63 S comfortably outsold the C43 in March.

Mercedes-Benzís product planners proved they did their homework on the C43, as it hasnít hampered the 63 Sís mojo in the marketplace Ė the V8 model thunders on as the top-selling AMG variant for the brand. Beating even the A45 and CLA45.

One specific point of difference between the two lends a clue as to why. And it lurks under the bonnet. The C63ís twin-turbo 4.0-litre V8 arrives hand-built from Affalterbach, while the C43 loses two-pots and relies on robots for engine construction.

two-pots and relies on robots for engine construction.

Between C63 S and C43 coupes lies a $56,500 price difference, with the V8-engined model commanding $162,115 before on-road costs.

Still, 93 buyers chose a C-Class coupe in C63 S spec in March, while the C43 attracted 61 orders. The C63 S coupe made up more than 31 per cent of C-Class Coupe and Convertible sales in the same month, surging ahead of the C43, which snares 17 per cent of two-door C-Class sales.

Meanwhile, over in Munich, Mercís uptake of the C63 S in March thumps BMWís M4, which accounted for only 16 per cent of 4 Series coupe and convertibles. Across this yearís first quarter the C63 S coupe found more than 260 homes, while the six-cylinder M4 only found 50.

The C43 returned fire in the convertible market, with 25 buyers opting for the twin-turbo six variant compared to 17 choosing a C63 S convertible in March.

compared to 17 choosing a C63 S convertible in March.

Either way, you wonít have to wait long for an AMG V8.

Wait-lists on C63s are now almost non-existent if you go easy on options. Long live the V8.

The C43 hasnít hampered the 63ís mojo in the marketplace one bit

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Top ten losers

CAR FEB MAR YTD YTD +/- Merc G-Wagon CC 2 2 5 -85% Audi A8 3 1 4 -79% Maserati Coupe/Conv 1 5 6 -79% Audi TT 7 17 37 -77% BMW 5 Series GT 2 4 7 -76% Alfa Romeo 4C 3 2 7 -75% Hyundai Genesis 10 21 45 -71% Maserati Quattroporte 4 3 9 -68% Audi A7 10 2 21 -62% M-B E-Class Coupe/Conv 18 25 65 -61%

Top ten movers

CAR FEB MAR YTD YTD +/- Merc GLS-Class 59 104 248 999% Merc C-Class Cpe/Conv 301 350 912 737% Volkswagen CC 35 2 37 517% Lotus Elise 2 3 7 250% McLaren Coupe/Conv 10 8 27 238% Nissan GT-R 10 11 29 222% BMW 5 Series 85 178 343 170% Rolls-Royce Coupe/Conv 1 0 4 100% Mercedes-Benz SL-Class 6 10 20 82% Infiniti Q60 6 17 28 75%

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