Cool Kit

Stuff We Want

V6 F-Type exhaust

$4900 For the crazy few who reckon the F-Type’s V6 isn’t loud enough comes this, Milltek’s stainless steel exhaust system with titanium tips.

Lego AMG GT3

$23 Lego has shrunken down Mercedes-AMG’s latest GT3 fi ghter into a lowdetail block set.

Damper keychain

$8 Bling up your keychain with this mini coilover.

Comes fi nished in yellow, green, blue or red. e.chain lover. ed.

Kids’ turbo t-shirt

$35 Continue eff orts to subtly indoctrinate your kids with this bub-sized t-shirt from US brand TunerCult. Made from “super soft” cotton.

Post-it Artworks

$13 Legendary car paintings compressed onto Post-it notes. Replica prints of the original.

Trickle Charger

$140 Keep your ride charged, safely, with Century’s new CC1206 trickle charger and maintainer.

Potenza RE-71R

$149* Grip gurus will salivate over Bridgestone’s new Potenza RE-71R road legal semi-slick. But we’d exercise caution in rain. *Price for one 185/60 R14 tyre