Greg Wilkonson, via email

I, as someone who loves nothing more than a drive on a nice country road, take solace in a number of things which could shoreup our driving future for a while yet.

First, unless we see a mass shift from car ownership to a subscription-like model, where people pay a monthly fee to be able to summon an electric autonomous ‘taxi’ (or pod?) at will, I can’t see legislators regulating the ‘fully manual’ car with a steering wheel, off the road anytime soon.

Of course, it’s reasonable to expect ‘autonomous-only’ zones to spring up and perhaps this is what will ultimately drive out those who still want to drive their car, from initially the innermost CBDs to the inner-city, greater metropolis and at last country roads, limiting us folk to autonomously towing our cars for use on private property, or not being able to turn off the autonomous feature until the most far-flung of roads. But I suspect many of us will be getting eaten by worms long before then, so there’s little need to worry.