Rick Walker, via email

Iím nervous. The licence process does nothing to educate a driver properly, but then unleashes anybody and everybody on the road so they can be financially penalised as much as possible. And in our ever-growing nanny state, we know that governments are increasingly governing to the lowest common denominator.

How could you possibly achieve a zero road toll when the bottom 10 per cent have and always will behave terribly on roads?

If the car dawned today, there is no way the government would allow anyone to operate one after a multiple-choice and basic 20 minute driving test.

When someone can prove autonomous cars will remove 90 per cent of road deaths it will be a slippery slope to all of us handing in our keys. And then people who want to take control and drive their own car will be restricted to track days within a generation.

And itís going to suck.