Keith Walter, via email

WITH your May issue, I now have 50 years of Modern Motor/MOTOR, starting with the June 1967. Or, 600 copies. It has been an interesting journey to read each of the magazines as they have arrived.

This is not the end of the collection my subscription continues but it is quite a milestone to have a collection that is complete. Not every magazine is pristine most have been read more than once and some of the older magazines are held together with staples.

My wife and I are moving into a smaller home and wont have room to store them, so if anyone could use this collection I would love to hear from them so it can be kept intact. Perhaps a contact through MOTOR itself would be appropriate.

Through this 50-year period I have owned 15 cars. Not all have been performance vehicles, but standouts have been an LC Torana, Lancia Beta HPE, Nissan N14 Pulsar, Astra SRi and more recently a BMW 320d.

I have also been involved as an official in motorsport (specifically circuit racing, hill climbs and rallying) for more than 25 years.

Although Im getting older, I still enjoy driving and still very much enjoy receiving my copy of MOTOR magazine.

Every article is read and digested, giving me a broad knowledge of vehicles currently available and those that are most desirable.