OUR OWN Holden Commodore isn’t the only GM product to have been transformed into a Pontiac. US company Trans Am Worldwide rebuilds Chevrolet Camaros from the ground-up into a modern-day representation of the iconic muscle car. Burt Reynolds fans quickly snapped up the 77 ‘Bandit’ editions (above), prompting TAW to develop the Trans Am 455 Super Duty, inspired by the famous Pontiac of the same name. There’s retro styling, but most importantly, a 746kW supercharged 7.4-litre (455ci) V8 under the ‘hood’ to make this one smokey bandit.

Just 50 will be built.


FOR SOME buyers it’s unthinkable for a hot hatch to have more than three doors, and to satisfy this demand VW has announced it will import 150 Golf Mk 7.5 GTI three-doors.

Called the ‘Performance Edition 1’ VW says it is “one for the purists” and will feature the electronically controlled limitedslip diff and higher outputs – now 180kW/370Nm – reserved for the Golf GTI Performance, which has now been discontinued. Only two colours will be offered, White Silver and Iron Blue (pictured), with sales to start in June.