7 Ed’s Letter

Why buying a new supercar isn’t as easy as it seems

8 The News

CSV’s twin-turbo ’Stang; Fiat Chrysler goes power-crazy

22 The Vent

Crack them knuckles, fire up the computer, and lay it on us

24 Sweet Dream

An opportunity missed for a local fast Ford Mustang

112 Geek Speak

The magic of dry-sump oil lubrication systems

114 Cool Kit

Money’s overrated. Time to empty your pockets

116 Garage

Goodbye MX-5, the Skoda does a good deed, C43 meets C63

122 New vs Used

When an old bull meets new in the classifieds

123 Chart Attack

Aussies still gaga for Mercedes-AMG’s V8s

125 Columns

Alonso’s Indy gig, journos without cars, infant drivers

131 Hot Source

Fast car facts and figures are all buried here

146 Final Nine

Turbo all-paw weapons you didn’t know about