Cool Kit

Stuff We Want

Sparco Cross RB-7

$325 Everything you want from a race shoe. But they also sport street-ready looks if you canít be stuff ed changing after track days.

Cobra Jet engine

$48,000 herrodperformance. Fordís factory-made drag engine is 5.0 litres of blown Coyote V8 madness. Makes 675kW out of the box.

Z-car shirt

$40 The 240Z gave Nissan its fi rst sports car and now helps fund cancer research in America on these tees.

Fujifi lm X-Pro2

$2699 All the tech and grunt of a modern digital camera, but in a classic body.

Also: 24 mega pixels, interchangeable lenses.

Momo Prototipo

$289 Take your interior back to the í70s with this Dino 246-inspired classic steering wheel from Momo. Boss kit required.

Ferrari print

$40 Track the evolution of Ferrariís winning racers with this print, available in sizes from A2 to A5.