Tony Monaro, via email

I really enjoyed David Morley’s article in March 2017 as it shows we think the same.

When I first saw that commercial I was so outraged I wanted to put my foot through the TV screen.

Well David there is another ad that has been shown in Adelaide which is a joke.

The video on YouTube is titled “keeping the bromance alive” and the message states “tell your mates how to drive safely”.

Simply search for the title on YouTube.

Why is this video a joke? Well, it’s supposed to be conveying a road safety message, yet there are two glaring errors in the video.

The first error is at 17 seconds where the guy in the ute beeps his horn twice as he is driving away. Is that not illegal use of a horn as the horn should only be used as an emergency warning device?

The second error is at 35 seconds. Look how the guy in the Grey VE Commodore is holding the steering wheel. One hand at 12 o’clock and the other at nine o’clock. Not a technically safe way to hold a wheel.

This video proves we are governed by a bunch of muppets who have no idea.