Chris McCormack, via email

THE rapidly diminishing pool of vehicles available to car enthusiasts who love a selfshifter is deeply worrying. It seems that each day another model line or new vehicle appears exclusively as Ďautoí. I would love to see a MOTOR comparo between arguably the best value manual sports cars available in Australia at the moment.

The myriad model releases of sports cars and sedans of late such as the Kia Stinger, Alfa Romeoís Giulia and 4C and Mercedes- AMG A45 have managed to quicken my pulse, until I realised that no manual option was offered. Are global car companies expunging driver involvement from vehicles in order to soften us up to accepting an autonomous vehicle future? Or is the market simply responding to driver laziness?

I for one am not interested in driving around like a clone, where the only input necessary is a twirl of the steering wheel and a right foot that isnít paralysed.

While we agree with your sentiment, Chris, it simply comes down to dollars and sense. We too lament the shift, but the case for offering manuals when the buying public arenít purchasing them in big numbers doesnít always stack up.

The Kia ProCeed GT is a classic case of a good car being killed off given its manual-only range. Also, if you check back to the September 2016 issue of MOTOR we champion the manual with a five-car comparison drive.