Damian Jama, via email

TWO YEARS ago I was diagnosed with a medical condition that had somewhat adverse effects on me with no guarantee it could be fixed. It was around the same time that I learned of the then upcoming Ford Focus RS and I adopted it as my ‘when I get better’ car. Having read every little snippet of info offered up to me from MOTOR HQ, I can now only say thank you for the enthusiasm in which your team relayed the wonders of this little pocket rocket as they were reasons to keep up the fight for me.

I tracked one down recently from an overzealous retiree who managed to obtain two at different times and whom I convinced that one was enough. With many phone calls, enough arm twisting and one expensive bottle of wine, he eventually sold me his grey car at full retail, which he reminded me was ‘very generous of him’. And after a weekend assault on Thunderbolts Way and Waterfall Way in Northern NSW I can say that it is the best car I have ever spent money on.

I truly hope that you print this letter in the off-chance that enough honchos at relevant government agencies around the country might read it so that I can remind them that cars like this and the roads we drive them on are more than just a means to an end. For some of us, they are reasons to wake up in the morning, they are ways to spend quality time with the ones we love and are often an escape from this uncivilised thing we call civilisation. They are medicine.

Well done Ford for having a proper crack at restoring the balance of performance versus dollars in the Australian car market and well done MOTOR for the blood, sweat and gears you deliver to us month after month. Now, I’m off to shoot a letter to Triple Eight Racing about this awesome Ford that might work for them...

Thank you for your heartfelt letter, Damian. Firstly, we hope your health is in order as that is always the main priority.

We are glad that our appreciation for the Focus RS translated through the pages of MOTOR and that you enjoy the RS as much as we do. Check out the Tyre Test in this mag to see the Focus in all kinds of sideways action and keep reading later in the year to see how it goes at Bang For Your Bucks 2017.