CRASHING your virtually priceless McLaren F1 GTR is bad enough, but it’s even worse when it’s streamed live and you’re a celebrity. Nick Mason, Pink Floyd drummer, lost control of his F1 GTR during the 75th Goodwood Member’s Meeting. His GTR is chassis 10, which was built as a test and development car before being used in the 1996 Le Mans pre-qualifying. It didn’t race. The fact it’s one of 28 built and road legal only adds to its provenance.

However, as an A-grade car enthusiast who believes in using the exotic machinery, and has lent the car to motoring press, we expect it repaired in no time.


HSV’s vaunted GTSR W1 has sent the number plate market into a frenzy, with some offers asking as much as six figures. Adding to the disbelief are the dubious configurations, a plate reading ‘ASGTSR8’ advertised on eBay is wanting for almost two thirds of the car’s listed $169,900 price at $100K. Meanwhile ‘GT5RWI’ – notice that two characters swap either letters for numbers or viceversa – bravely asks for $22,000.

Some ads didn’t even provide photo evidence of the plates, but only snaps of the confirmation letter. Be wary of that.