911 powers up

More grunt optional for 2018 Carrera S

CHARGING to 100km/h in less than four seconds ain’t hanging around in anyone’s language. But if you’re not blown away by the 991.2 911’s performance in Carrera S and 4S form, you can now fix that with a power pack option.

Available on 2018 models, the pack fits a pair of larger turbochargers and hoists power from 309kW to 331kW. Torque remains pegged at 500Nm, but that’s still Carrera GTS-matching power levels.

Accompanying the upgrade is a new brake cooling system, ‘twincentral’ sports exhaust, Sport Chrono package, and a $24,580 price tag, moving the 911 Carrera S’s base $256,300 price within spitting distance of the Carrera GTS’s $282,700 before on-roads.

The Sports Chrono package includes $3890 worth of value, such as dynamic engine mounts, launch control, an analogue and digital stopwatch, extra steering wheel dial and Sport Plus mode.

Current turbocharged Carrera S models can be retrofitted with the pack from June this year, but must already be Sport Chrono-equipped.