7 Edís Letter

The elephant in the room at HSVís 30th birthday party

8 The News

No supercharger for Aussie íStangs, KTM now available

18 The Vent

We appreciate you telling us how you feel Ė no charge

20 Sweet Dream

What if HSV created a luxury version of its monster W1?

112 Geek Speak

Examining anti-lag and why itís being used in road cars

114 Cool Kit

Wondering what to do with your upcoming tax return?

116 Garage

MX-5 battles an Italian, RS looks within, C43 gets high

122 New vs Used

Two very diff erent ways to spend your cash on a Mazda

123 Chart Attack

SUV sales overtake passenger car sales for the fi rst time

125 Columns

Barn fi nds, whatís in a name, where to now for F1?

131 Hot Source

All the facts and fi gures to settle many pub arguments

146 Final Nine

Cars that are the benchmark around the Nurburgring