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MAY 2017


HSV Turns 30

As the locally-made era ends at HSV, we celebrate three decades of crazy Commodores with six of Clayon’s best


‘Those Ones’

Among the eagles there have been some turkeys. Here are five HSVs that could have been left in the oven


The Big Mac

With a kW/tonne rating greater than a Bugatti Veyron, McLaren’s Super Series is verging on P1 levels of performance with the 720S


The Artist

Horacio Pagani shows us around his new facility to demonstrate how he builds automotive art


Tyre Test

Nine of the best performance tyres on the market put through the wringer to find out which is best


G’day M8

BMW’s M8 could’ve been one of the world’s fastest cars, but instead languished in obscurity for 25 years