Keith Milham, via email

It has finally sunk in: our great country will no longer make great cars. Every fair dinkum, true blue (or red) Aussie should shed a tear over this as itís a sad time in our automotive history. I now ponder, at the ripe young age of 54, what am I going to drive in my final motoring years? I refuse to drive anything that doesnít make noise. Regardless of how quick a Tesla might be, itís not going to happen.

I got my licence at 15 years and two months and have owned 12 Fords (10 Falcons) and 10 Holdens (eight Commodores) over the many years since. Iím currently the proud owner of a supercharged VF SS-V Redline and also quite proud (just not as much) of my daily driver, a very straight BA MKII XR6T. So what do we have to look forward to in the way of V8 or turbo muscle? Imported Yank-tanks or German wizardry? Mind you, they look like the ducks guts and seem to go like the clappers. However, theyíre not for me. I bleed red and have to get one of the last Commodores to roll off the production line.

Which one? Thatís the $80K-plus question. I better make my mind up and quick.

You canít go wrong with either a VF II SS-V Redline or HSV Gen-F2 GTS, Keith, as both are absolutely cracking cars.