John Szabo, via email

HSVíS 476 kW Missile/Beast GTS-R is coming (August í16) and I cannot wait to see the most powerful Australian muscle car of all time! Itís a Holden, of course, and what a fitting tribute to the end of an era where it has served Australians for decades.

The GTS-R will be the meanest and toughest car I have ever seen and an instant collectible for the hardworking few who have been able to save their pennies. Letís make sure we put one into a museum, so that in years to come when we are driving 10th generation Prius Hybrids, we can look back and only dream of the full-throttle experience and joy that a truly wonderful V8 can bring.

This car will be able to challenge many overpriced marques like Lexus and Mercedes for class, value and performance.

Let alone sheer exhilaration, pleasure and the fun of driving through tight mountain curves, along straights and on race tracks.

We sure have come a long way from the days when I sat in my dadís first Holden, a cream coloured FJ Sedan, back in the 1960s. will miss seeing the regal Lion badge around town in the future, will miss hearing its growl and grumble as well as its purr at idle at the traffic lights.

Holden we salute you and your efforts over the years and for showing that we Aussies can produce a great car for a great country.