It’s farewell Falcon ute

Ford builds its last ever Aussie workhorse

M4 scor FORD’s officially buried the Falcon Ute after sending the last-ever example down Broadmeadow’s production lines on the afternoon of July 29.

A white FG X XR6 tracked the same path the first model did in 1961, bookending 55 years of local production for Ford, who invented the body style in 1933.

After building 439,742 units over that period of time at both Broadmeadows and Brisbane’s Eagle Farm facilities, es GTS bits the final-ever Falcon ute sparks the beginning of the end for the nameplate in general.

The last-ever Blue Oval workhorse will be kept by Ford Australia as a historic vehicle, and was privately commemorated by line workers once it was assembled.

The Broadmeadows plant, located on Melbourne’s outskirts, will now focus on building the Falcon sedan and Territory until October 7.