7 Edís Letter

America to the rescue

8 The News

Hellcat on FCA wishlist; Ford bids the Falcon ute farewell

16 The Vent

Frustrated or impressed? Come on, prove it

18 Sweet Dream

Finding a future for Fordís turbo Barra engine stateside

118 Geek Speak

How supercars play green

121 Cool Kit

Buy-it-yourself swagger for the auto-enthusiast

122 Garage

Our SRT spins up a dyno, and we welcome a green machine

126 Itís Tempting

Brawn all the way from Bavaria, and our own backyard

127 Chart Attack

Rounding up the fast crowd

129 Columns

Morley muses tow-driving and Keen on a very odd Chinese bus

133 Hot Source

Fast numbers on fast cars

146 Final Nine

A catalogue of Holdenís most memorable concept cars