2010 Mercedes E63 AMG

Discount sleeper

IF YOU’D rather cash-in on a performance car’s volatility, this may be up your alley.

Once commanding a huge $238K when new, Mercedes- Benz’s second-generation E63 AMG was a suited brute. It packed a huge 386kW/630Nm six-years ago, produced by AMG’s bygone 6.2-litre V8, matched to a seven-speed auto underneath a subtle high-class exterior.

Without the optional LSD, though, it may have trouble controlling its brawn.

Either way, there’s a serious amount of luxo-muscle on offer for under $100K, and the best part is, cashed-up hoons will have bee-lined for the previous-gen C63, boosting chances your E63 has thus far lived an easier life.

NEW $238,900

NOW $84,980