1996 HSV GTS-R

Could be a bright investment


Itís tempting Performance treasure hunt

MUSCLE CARS can be risky business. Fordís Falcon GT-HO proved that in the pre-GFC boom. Holden, too, has had its share of mortgage-worthy muscle. But the GTS-R hasnít been so desirable.

Despite packing a suite of special go-fast goodies Ė longstroke V8, Hydratrak diff, sixspeed gearbox Ė the 85 GTS-Rs built werenít the brainchild of a racing legend like the low-volume HDT Director, or a stillborn one-off project like the HRT 427.

And this may be why over the years GTS-Rs, in various condition, have traded for wildly varying prices. And while we would have scoffed at number 30ís six-figure ask five years ago, it could be relatively cheap in the future.

HSV has all but confirmed it will build another GTS-R to send off the Commodore (see p8), which could drag up the collectability of originals as buyers snap them up to mothball in their garage.

Itís a risk, but muscle cars always have been.

NEW $76,000

NOW $143,777