Andrew McKinna, via email

Iím a regular reader and occasional ranter.

I love to read about the hypercars and supercars, and am pretty comfortable with the fact that Ferrari is unlikely to call me and invite me to order a LaFerrari Spider, however one thing not covered, and to my knowledge almost all car magazines are guilty of overlooking, is being blind to the cost of living with attainable cars.

I donít care what the service costs of a Pagani are because itís never going to be a problem for me. But for those cars I might actually buy, Iíd love to have a sense of what Iím up for beyond the ticket price.

I like your breakout boxes with a summary of good and bad, price, launch date, etc, but Iíd really like to get a handle on service costs, major service items, etc. Iíd be interested in an AMG A45, but Iím imagining the worst for ownership costs. (Thereís a lot to be said for a turbo Falcon, or V8 Commodore.)

It would be great if you could have a little breakout box covering, for example, minor and major service costs. It would be great to have a short list of significant items to be aware of that you could publish as standard.

Itís a good idea, Andrew, and weíll look into it. Even just including information like schedule service intervals and any fixedprice servicing costs could be useful.