Lindsay Creighton, via email

I just wanted to drop in my two cents on your Tribal Warfare piece (July Ď16). Disclaimer: Iím a diehard Ford bloke and own an XE Falcon ESP and an XR6 Turbo. I did enjoy the article and think David Morley was fair.

On the Mustang, sorry, itís nowhere near as cool as the í69 Mustang. Sounds like the new carís handling is great, well done Ford, but two-door cars for the average bloke are not viable. The Yanks do not know what they are talking about when they say muscle cars only have two doors. What about a four-door Mustang? I say bring it on.

No surprises with the Commie. What I admire about Holden is it hasnít tossed in the towel like Ford, which seems to have this repeated death wish with its carsí styling, etc. But to be honest, I have never had issues with the seat height in my XR6T which has upset a number of motoring writers. It only leads me to believe that they have yet to find the seat height adjust switch!

In regard to the gearbox paddles, I think they are only used by limp-wristed types.

Even my XR6T has a manual change mode on the auto which is rarely used. The article was fair, but personally I prefer Fordís steering, suspension, and seating. Thanks for the read.

Thanks for your letter, Lindsay. Youíre right that the Mustang isnít the most practical machine, but its looks attract an enormous amount of attention and the mechanicals are really well developed. Weíll agree to disagree on the Falcon seating position.

If it works for you, thatís great, and admittedly, you do get used to it but every single MOTOR tester has found it detracts from their enjoyment of the car.