Nick Basilou, via email

Is it just me, or are modern cars making us soft? I love soaking up the articles on the latest machines and find modern technology amazing as it makes cars so reliable and easy to drive. On my current wish list is the Mustang GT, with old school charm it still boasts selectable driving modes including the rubber burning ‘Line Lock’ feature.

But what about popping the bonnet on the weekend for a tinker over a beer, and then shutting it to gaze in awe. Have we lost our connection with our machines? Or have we evolved into a new species that enjoys driving, but don’t want to get the hands dirty? I suppose I’ll give in to this modern tech, just as soon as I can get the idle issues sorted with my old ST184 Celica...

No doubt the complexity in modern cars is making life more difficult for the home mechanic, Nick. And we’re sorry to break it to you, but Aussie Mustangs don’t have the ‘Line Lock’ burnout feature. Blame the nanny state.