Mid-engine, reardrive Veloster much more like it

THIS IS the Veloster Hyundai should have built. The RM16, as it’s called, is a concept previewing tech for the brand’s new go-fast N division. At the RM16’s heart is a mid-mount 2.0-litre turbo four rated at 220kW. Power’s managed by an electronic LSD at the rear axle, but even cooler is its electric ‘turbo’ and the active aero. Credit to Albert Biermann, the brand’s head of High Performance Development, for a car we’d never have expected from Hyundai 15 years ago.

A “rolling lab” for future N models – the first due next year – we will wait to see what makes production.

Polestar’s new 314kW SUV

THE SWEDES has waded into super-SUV waters with the release of a Polestartuned XC90 T8. A newly released Polestar tune has taken the base car’s twin-charged 2.0-litre to 249kW/440Nm, inflating its hybrid drivetrain’s power outputs to 314kW/680Nm.

While brisk, its 5.5sec sprint to 100km/h is easily crushed by something like a BMW X5M. You’ll first need a XC90 T8 for $122,950 before getting the tune, which will add around $1850 to the price depending on the labour costs of plugging it in.