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Tadaís Toy

Toyota 86 chief engineer Tetsuya Tada lifts the lid on the sports carís future Ė and drops some hints about Supra, too


Godzilla Reboots

Nissanís fire-breathing poster child may finally have come of age, with the biggest facelift in its eight-year history


Raw Focus

Could the back to basics Porsche 911R be the most rewarding 911 of the current generation?


Dawn Raid

Three V8 super sedans from Japan, Australia and Germany awaken for an early morning, highly-caffeinated showdown


BFYB 2016

Itís back! Nine budget battlers fight it out to be crowned the best value performance car under $50,000


Number Crunch

Bang For Your Bucks is all about the numbers. Find out what was a straight-line star and what was a circuit king

104 Audi and McLaren trade blows with Ferrariís turbo belter

488 v R8 V10 v 570S


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7 Edís Letter

Cars have never been so fast and cheap

8 The News

HSVís yella beast returns; Porscheís latest fast limo

22 The Vent

Promise we wonít take it personally

24 Sweet Dream

Toyotaís Hilux takes a shot in the arm

118 Geek Speak

We spill the beans on Lexusís 10-speed íbox

120 Cool Kit

Breaking the bank vault for auto-centric goodies

122 Garage

Our 300 SRT meets the bends, Audiís S1 takes to the alps

126 Itís Tempting

Inspiration for todayís muscle heroes, and cheap Euro brawn

127 Chart Attack

The winners and whiners in fast car sales

129 Columns

Rethinking Uber and avoiding those who donít think at all

133 Hot Source

The fast specs you need all in one place

146 Final Nine

Silly optional extras youíd be crazy to tick