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Three methods to motoring mayhem

TO 100KM/H the 918 Weissach is fastest, the famously conservative Porsche claiming 2.6sec to the P1’s 2.8 and the LaFerrari’s “under 3.0sec”. To 200km/h, P1 ‘wins’, 6.8sec versus LaFerrari’s again “under 7.0sec” and 918’s 7.2sec.

To 300km/h, LaFerrari edges ahead at 15.0sec, the McLaren 16.5 and 918 Weissach, 19.9sec.

Porsche claims the 918 Weissach will do a 9.9sec quarter at 235km/h; McLaren for P1, 9.8sec at 245km/h.

P1, LaFerrari will v-max at 350km/h; 918, 345.