Skoda Superb 206TSI 4x4

First Fang New. Fast. Driven.


Golf R-powered, all-paw Czechie not half bad at all

ENGINE 1984cc inline-4, DOHC, 16v, turbo / POWER 206kW @ 6500rpm / TORQUE 350Nm @ 1700-5600rpm / WEIGHT 1600kg / 0-100KM/H 5.8sec / PRICE $50,990

SKODA HASNíT been the butt of car jokes for a long time, but even in its post-Berlin-Wall, Volkswagen-owned era it was difficult to not laugh at the self-applauding nameplate of its flagship model.

And while the Superb didnít turn out to be entirely vainglorious when it arrived here in 2009, there were few superlatives from a keen driverís perspective.

This time, though, our interest has been piqued by the $50,990 206 TSI 4x4 range-topper in the thirdgeneration Superb, which has plonked the Golf Rís feisty turbo petrol into the engine bay, also uses the Haldexbased all-wheel drive system, and sits on a stretched version of the VW Groupís excellent MQB platform (topped with sharp styling).

Thereís no RS badge here, and indeed the slightly muted raspiness of the 206kW EA888 under full throttle suggests the acoustics have been padded-down for a luxury, rather than a sports sedan (or wagon, had for an extra $1700).

Itís still an energetic engine in the Superb, though, with a 4000- 6000rpm sweetspot, and it manages to accelerate the large sedan even when past the six-grand redline (upshifting at 6850rpm in Sport mode).

Sport mode also thickens the damper fluid if the option box is ticked for Skodaís first-ever adaptive suspension. Itís part of a $3400 Tech Pack also including a (good but not outstanding) 610-watt Canton audio system and a bunch of useful safety driver aids.

It gives the Superb tauter body control and a semblance of agility, though the sportiest mode adds only weight, not life, to the steering.

In Normal, the steering is too light and the front end less enthusiastic about pointing towards an apex Ė though its ride quality is preferable over Comfort, which can be wallowy on freeways on the variant-unique 235/40 19-inch tyres.

The all-wheel drive system does its thing in tight bends and on wet roads, and in the dry seems to be the key to the 206TSIís 1.2-second 0-100km/h advantage over the $39,990 162TSI Superb that employs the engine from the ever popular Volkswagen Golf GTI/Skoda Octavia RS.

It certainly avoids the off-the-line axle tramping of the base Superb when launching, though the 162kW engine also delivers the same 350Nm Ė 200rpm earlier but over a narrower rev range Ė and offers meaningful squirt once on a roll as it has 110kg less to worry about.

Choosing between the sedan and wagon, though, is really more about styling preferences; either way you get a cavernous boot and limo-like rear legroom.

So the Superb remains bigger on space than thrills, but weíre not being funny when we say we like Skodaís impressive all-rounder a lot. M



Energetic grunt, traction, vast space


Could be more exciting, dull steering