Mathew Lovich, via email

HAVING SPENT the last decade and a half wheel aligning cars I would like to make an observation. How does a company like Renault make a car like the Megane RS275 Trophy R with a beam axle rear? Yes it goes round a track with almighty ferociousness but at the 40,000km mark when the left hand rear toe is out by 7mm how do you fix it? You donít because the cheap French bastards canít fit the same rear end that comes with a $23K Golf and yet ask double the money for it. Beam axle cars are right up there with leaf springs and drum brakes and itís just a joke. I see so much tyre wear from cars like this and itís not something thatís ever touched on in tests. If the car has no camber/toe adjustment, you are in for a world of hurt down the road. Just sayiní!