Liam Hudson-OíFarrell, via email

IíM SURE that most people will agree with me when I say 10 speeds in a gearbox is way too many. If you were to give a manual 10 speeds, you would only ever have one hand on the steering wheel, as you would be forever changing gear! So a 10-speed gearbox will only work as an auto or a paddle shift. Lexus has gone completely mad, ruining their newest car with a stupid gearbox, like the way they ruined the RC F by making it too heavy compared to its rivals.

Iím sure that nobody wants to be driving a car where they have to be forever changing gear! If only they put a seven or eight-speed gearbox and new tech in it, it would be a genuine rival to the Germans.

Lexus , stop it, please!

Itís not all bad. True, in manual mode it takes a little extra concentration, but the trade-off is better acceleration and economy. You do wonder where itís going to end, though. Cars will have more gears than mountain bikes at this rate.