Peter Farquhar, via email

I’VE INTERRUPTED my morning egg and bacon roll (and of course a coffee) to comment on the sermon from Joel Neilsen about a driver’s right to travel in the right lane when the limit does not exceed 80km/h. Whilst technically correct, Joel’s proclamation of his rights – and corresponding lack of courtesy – because the law doesn’t prohibit it is clear evidence of why Australian drivers will not be trusted with higher speed limits. When exercising your rights to drive on our roads you also accept the responsibility to be considerate and recognise the rights of other road users.

Most road codes in Australia mention the courtesy of keeping left to not impede other drivers. Unfortunately some of Australia’s drivers have an attitude: ‘this is my bit of road, my right, I’m obeying the law and irrespective of the prevailing traffic conditions I’m going to ensure you do too’.

As an observation, many of these drivers also seem to speed up when realising they’re about to be overtaken, close gaps to prevent reasonable lane changing, deny access from feeder lanes, use their blinkers to confirm their actions rather than warn of them, etc.

If every time we went out on the road we had the attitude that this is going to be an enjoyable experience and the way we drive ensured the enjoyment of others, then driving would be more enjoyable and less stressful. For all of us.

Australian drivers have an attitude: ‘I’m obeying the law and I’m going to ensure you do too’