Chris Niarros, via email

AS SOMEONE who is in the market for a Commodore VFII SS wagon I would be keen to see if you can do a comparison with the SS and SS V. Thereís enough articles about the SS V Redline, but I want to know what the other models are like and being in Perth Iím not too keen on another car with black leather (due to the heat) so the SS is of interest. It would also be interesting to see a comparison between the new VF II and the current C63 and possibly even a five-year old AMG or M BMW to see how close the Holden is. Whilst we all know a C63 will trump the Holden I want to see if they are worth three times as much.

Thanks, Chris. Broadly speaking, Aussie motoring media is indeed a little guilty of focusing mostly on the SS V and Redline.

Weíll look to do more stuff with the base SS Ute and Sportwagon in future.

Something about 304kW, mechanical limited-slip diff and 245-section rear tyres does get our rocks off. Not to mention the $49K bit for a family-sized wagon. For what itís worth, if youíre keen on SS V or Redline but leather trim is a stumbling block, surely you could get the cloth seat trim fitted as a no-cost option.