David McKinney, via email

AS A visitor from South Africa I thoroughly enjoyed your April edition as I am sure my motoring friends back home will, too.

I was somewhat surprised (but upon reflection maybe not) at the reluctance to buy Ford vehicles because of their intended factory closure. This is the complete opposite of customers in the USA who are rewarding Ford for not borrowing money from Uncle Sam during the GFC, with everincreasing sales.

Out West, in Nevada anyway, Ford Mustangs are plentiful. Passers-by who donít know a Fiesta from a Ferrari are invariably drawn to this incredible eye candy. Fordís strategy of releasing news of it going to be a world car (with right-hand drive) years in advance has surely reaped huge benefits.

Journalists seem to agree it is not a supercar in the get-up-and-go department but can hold its own with any supercar on looks alone. I think they could put a Fiestaís 1.5-litre engine in it and it would sell well.