Godzilla muscles up

‘Biggest update yet’ for R35 as Nissan reboots GT-R

NISSAN HAS given its GT-R supercar a shot in the arm with more power, new styling and an overhauled cockpit in what is being called the ‘biggest update to R35 ever’.

As the twin-turbo V6 Porsche fighter approaches its 10th birthday next year, Nissan has powered up the GT-R by 15kW and 6Nm to 419kW and 632Nm, fitted subtly restyled but brand new front and rear bars, and given the interior a much-needed makeover.

In a move that will delight some and frustrate others, Nissan’s moved the shift paddles from the steering column to a new steering wheel, while a new, bigger centre touchscreen integrates navigation and audio functions, slashing the interior button count from 27 to 11.

Godzilla should have a keener growl thanks to a new titanium exhaust and, as seen on 370Z, the stereo-assisted “Active Sound Enhancement”, which could be just as terrifying as the lizard monster itself.

Despite nearly a decade of polishing, Nissan claims to have “thoroughly refined” the six-speed dual-clutch auto even further, now smoother and quieter than ever.

In continuing its push to make the GT-R more GT than R, Nissan says MY17 is the most civil and refined version ever of its dynastic supercar, ride comfort improved and the cabin quieter thanks to new sound deadening materials.

Thanks to improved suspension the MY17 should also be the best handling base R35 to date, but in terms of acceleration Nissan will only say it’s “superior”, offering no claim of improvement on the current GT-R’s probably-berserk-enough 2.7sec 0-100km/h time.

When it arrives in Oz in September Nissan hopes the MY17 GT-R will help satiate fans impatient for the R36, which is now looking like 2018-2020.