M M THEREíS A BIT OF a stick-shift resurgence happening of late.

The likes of the Porsche Cayman GT4, Peugeot 308 GTi and Ford Focus RS are available only with three pedals and a lever, and Jaguar has developed a manual for the F-Type, XE and XF. And here we are driving a manual Audi, surely destined to sell in single figures? Which is a massive shame, as it makes a very good car (the S3 Sedan) even better. The clutch is light and easy to use and the shift itself is well-oiled and accurate. Yes itís a cliche, but having to select your own cogs really does add much more involvement to the driving experience. Itís a shame so few will find out how much. Ė SN SPECS 2.0L INLINE-FOUR, 210KW/380NM, 6.9L/100KM PRICE $63,400